Standing out in the sea of virtual meetings

Standing out in the sea of virtual meetings

Got an e-meeting with your biggest client? Or pitching via ZOOM to a new one?

Then you’ll need to stand out in the sea of virtual meetings they’ll inevitably be attending that day.

Here are three ways to do it:

1. Borrow a background
First up, check out the built-in offerings from Zoom and other platforms. Handy if you want to hide a messy room or make colleagues giggle as log in from the Simpsons’ couch.
But… They’re generic and those you’re meeting with will know it.

2. Add your logo
Make them remember you by adding your brand. Some of the platforms make it really easy – just a couple of clicks and you’ve uploaded your own image.
But… Unless you’re a graphics whizz you could find yourself fiddling with file formats and stressing about size restrictions. And, in the end, getting a massively pixelated logo that’s making you reconsider the Simpsons’ couch.

3. Invest in a creative, engaging background that’s unique to your brand
A professionally designed background that’s tailored to your brand will give you an instant injection of confidence. You have a strong, bold message and creative visual identity behind you (literally!) to back up what you’re saying. Go digital for sheer simplicity or wow with a printed statement piece.
But… is it a waste of time and money if we return to face-to-face meetings relatively soon?

Not at all!

A branded backdrop isn’t just a short-term investment. Its benefits stretch well beyond lockdown…

If you’re going digital, you’ve just got yourself a fresh, new template for presentations, proposal documents, internal announcements, pre-meeting agendas, post-meeting roundups and more. Plus you can filter it through to other digital media. Lay text over the top for your next e-shot and social media posts.
And if you’re going traditional, mount and hang your printed piece post-lockdown for a real office décor statement.

This blog is part of XIC’s Business Survival Guide, helping companies #keepcommunicationalive through COVID-19 and beyond.