Newsflash… We have LAUNCHED a shiny new website – hurrah!

Newsflash… We have LAUNCHED a shiny new website – hurrah!

It got us to thinking that we need to jump on the blogging bandwagon – so here we are. And what better way to burst into the blogosphere than by putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to shout about the importance of ensuring your website is as impactful, relevant and user-friendly as possible?

Whilst we live by the motto that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (and know first-hand the investment of a new or even updated online presence), we also know the importance of taking a step back and seriously evaluating your marketing tools.

As such, here are our top ten signs that it’s time for a website revamp…

Do any – or all, eek! – apply to you?

1. Not mobile- and tablet-friendly – In 2018, around half of all website traffic was mobile so if you want your clients to see your site, it needs to respond to the size of screen they’re using and adjust the content accordingly without making it illegible. This also makes a massive difference when it comes to Google search engine rankings, which brings us nicely to our next point…
2. Poor SEO – Your website is one of your best marketing tools but people won’t find it if it’s not ranking well on Google or other search engines. A site being static for months or years is often the cause of this.
3. Slow load time – In the age of instant gratification, it’s not surprising that almost 50% of us expect a site to load in two seconds or less – and tend to abandon one that’d not loaded within three seconds. Ouch!
4. High bounce rate – If visitors are finding your site but clicking the little cross in the corner without exploring further, you have a problem.
5. Decreasing analytics – Bounce rate aside, other measurement-related red flags include a decline in conversions, a drop in visitors, less page views and shorter time spent on each page.
6. Hard to update – It’s not just the visitor experience that’s important – it’s yours, too. Is it time to switch to a more current and user-friendly platform? Remember point two – the more current your content, the higher it’ll rank on search engines.
7. Inconsistencies – Whether within the site itself (colours, fonts and tone of voice from page to page) or with your overall brand (a mission, services and even ownership change over time) ensure the online look, feel and offering reflects your organisation.
8. Looks are important – We’re going to be honest – if you have a big, non-scrollable site bursting with text set over one solid background colour, a facelift is absolutely in order. Beware also of too much text, a lack of images and tricky navigation.
9. Outdated tech – Adobe Flash has now been blocked entirely on the Chrome web browser so if your site contains tech that’s no longer supported you need something more workable.
10. Finally, it’s just been a while – If you’ve moved location, launched new products or won new awards then it’s probably time for a bit of a freshen up.

Hopefully not all of the above sounds too familiar but if you’ve ticked a few boxes, did you know we do digital? Let us help you make an impact online.