The Defining Role of Design

The Defining Role of Design

Great design is not only intrinsic to great products, it also plays a huge role in generating great customer relationships. Get your design right and the rewards include brand awareness, recognition and loyalty.

If responsibility for design seems a bit daunting, don’t be put off.

Our studio team are comfortable with all sorts of design projects, whether we’re creating something from scratch or simply breathing new life into an existing brand.

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Identity crisis

A brand or corporate identity makes a visual statement about what your organisation stands for. Most brands evolve over time – if you look at well-known logos such as BP or McDonalds and compare these with versions from a decade ago, you’ll notice distinct changes. Why didn’t you notice these at the time? Because the brands may have been moved on subtly in a series of more minor updates.

You may feel your own brand needs a refresh. Or you may be a new business who is starting out with a blank page. Either way, we can help you design something that reflects your own business.

Campaign creation

New products, services and initiatives are all very exciting – but how do you make people aware that something fresh has arrived? Good design can help differentiate the new, while still being faithful to the corporate family. A new range or service gives you the chance to make a design statement that catches attention but is still distinctly ‘you’.

Get the guidelines

Already have an established corporate identity, underpinned with style guidelines? That’s no problem. We’re more than happy to ‘work to rule’ and are familiar and comfortable with all the terminology and codes that we’re likely to discover in your company guidelines. At XIC, we recognise the importance of brand integrity and will respect any restrictions.