Tear-off Tags

When you need to track and trace

Tags with tear-off sections – A simple, visual way to keep track of your team and equipment.

Gauge progress at a glance…

And determine accountability for each stage of the job with ease.

What you get with Inspection Tags...

  • A flexible format – From a single tear-off section up to six.
  • Bespoke – Select your shape, sizes, colours and colour sequences to suit your brand.
  • Perfect perforations – Quick and easy to tear but your tag will stay stronger than ever.
  • Fluorescent and dayglo inks – Make each tear-off section stand out.
  • Easy to write on – Use any pen.
  • Rounded edges – No sharp points.

And, of course…

  • Durable – Designed with tough environments in mind.
  • Looks and feels good – Just like luxury paper.
  • No minimum order – From 20 to 200,000.
  • Rapid turnaround – For small, urgent requests.
  • Cost-effective – And of the highest quality.
  • Locally produced and shipped globally – Efficient service wherever you are.