How to make sure your corporate Christmas gift doesn’t go to waste?

How to make sure your corporate Christmas gift doesn’t go to waste?

With more than half of those celebrating Christmas expected to get at least one unwanted gift (thanks for the facts, YouGov), guess how many million presents will be wasted this Christmas?

10 million? 20 million? Nope, not even close.

SIXTY MILLION. That’s a lot of novelty socks and cheap stocking fillers.

When it comes to corporate gifting, the story is no different. More businesses than ever (95% according to luxury food provider Cartwright & Butler) see this as an indispensable part of their relationship-building strategy and they view personalisation as the most important factor when selecting said gifts.

So, how do you make the most of your marketing budget and give your clients and staff a gift they’ll thank you for?

Look to the stats
Food and beverage products are said to be the most sought-after gifts whilst just 28% of recipients want to unwrap tech items and 27% hope for a stationary stock-up.

Put some thought into it
Knowing someone’s likes and dislikes shows you care and over the course of the year, you’re sure to pick up a couple of hints. Log them in your CRM system and consult it at gifting time.

Give goodwill
Charity Send a Cow is calling for people to give more meaningful gifts – from sending a goat to a charitable donation in their name, it’s a CSR winner.

Send the right message
You’ll want to show gratitude for the relationship without implying that you’re trying to bribe their business.

Solve a problem
Going with a branded gift? They’ll thank you for something that will make their lives easier.

Get personal
For high impact, add a handwritten note or hand-deliver your gift. It’s all about the power of the personal touch.

So, what’s the perfect gift? Something they’ll thank you for and remember you by?
As designers and suppliers of promotional gifts, you probably expect us to advocate branded mug warmers and stress balls. And we do – they’re really effective.

How clever is it to have your client drinking from a water bottle with your brand on it all year round?

But this year, we’ve been won over by a new type of giving.
It ticks most of the boxes listed above.

It’s the SQUAD scarf.

Here’s why:

✓ It’s multi-functional
✓ It’s practical
✓ It’s high-performance
✓ It’s locally produced
✓ It’s cost-effective
✓ It’s CSR-friendly
✓ It can be customised to suit your brand
✓ It’s for life, not just for Christmas – your clients will never forget you.

Make the most of your marketing budget this Christmas with a SQUAD scarf.
Give your clients and staff a gift they’ll thank you for.

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