Tally Books – an indispensable part of a technician’s life offshore

Tally Books – an indispensable part of a technician’s life offshore

Tally Books are used primarily by offshore engineers and technicians, but they’re appropriate for anyone who works away from a regular base location in order to keep on the job records on a continual basis and have key safety information at their fingertips.

Here at XIC, our customers like Haliburton, Petrofac and Stena Drilling tell us that if their offshore mechanical technicians, service operators, subsea electronic or field engineers have a Tally Book in their coverall pocket, it eliminates the need for them to stop work and log-in and search their online management system for guidance.

The Tally Book has long been an essential part of the toolkit of engineers and technicians and despite the digital age, there’s still something fundamentally reassuring about making your own notes and having all the information you need quickly available, especially when electronic devices are impractical or temporarily unavailable.  The productivity improvements from this physical note-taking support, are reiterated time and again by satisfied customers.

We understand that different clients have their own preferences, from their own specifications, information, and data sets, to their own design requirements. Tally Books can be a mine of company specifications, providing offshore technicians of all kinds, with correct and timely information to hand, whenever they need it.

This industry knowledge allows us to design in huge amounts of flexibility for different businesses to deliver custom-made Tally Books, with curated content for their teams – or different teams – depending on need.  For some clients, all offshore teams are provided with the same bespoke Tally Book to support risk assessments and other HSEQ functions.  Others prefer different information for different teams, having customised Tally Books per department, to facilitate role-specific references or data to be available, without generic information getting in the way.

What could be better than a company-branded Tally Book for all your team? Using corporate colours ensures that your Tally Book stands out among others if it’s left on a desk or deck, as does a strategically positioned corporate logo as part of the cover design. Any well-designed, properly considered Tally Book will make all the difference when time is of the essence and you need to capture precise details, use quick calculations or double-check a procedure or reference.

Whatever your choice, experience tells us that these books are used as an effective way to store policies and key procedures. We have designed and delivered a variety of Tally Books with generic risk assessments, site standards and observation card sections so that an engineering technician can immediately make an intervention and record a potential hazard on location.  Similarly, we’ve been asked to create much simpler notebooks, with just data conversions tables and diary pages included.

In short, a Tally Book is a straightforward way of enabling teams to be more productive, and so, if you’re interested in learning more about our Tally Books, click here.