‘Tis the season to get printing

‘Tis the season to get printing

All of sudden December is upon us. It’s a unique time of year, both frantic and fun. It’s not just busy on the domestic front either; in business life there are usually social arrangements to be made, along with tokens of thanks to give to colleagues and clients.

If you think you’ve left it too late, fear not. Digital printing technology means that there’s still time to impress with some great giveaways that will give a good impression this Christmas – and throughout the following year.


One of the most popular seasonal giveaways, the calendar comes in many shapes and forms from small desktop versions to full-blown wall planners for all the team to consult. Consider a five-year version for the planners and project managers in your work circles.


No matter how many laptops, tablets or smartphones we have, we still feel the need to write things down. That’s where the trusty notepad comes in. Branded notepads make a practical and cost-effective gift – and they ensure that your company name stays on desks all the way into 2017.


How could we forget these? Digital print technology means that incorporating a personal greeting or company logo in your Christmas card is no longer confined to those with big budgets. If you prefer physical cards to their electronic counterparts, we can help. Only need a short print run? No problem.


Want to distinguish your correspondence from all the boring brown envelopes in your clients’ in-trays? Behold the printed envelope. It’s a popular way of reinforcing brand identities all year round. At this time of year, printed envelopes are particularly useful for including a seasonal message in your pre-Christmas business correspondence.