Information Tags

when visibility is key

Easily and quickly identify the status of your assets with informational tags.

A strong tag is great, but you need more than that…

Tags can only do their job if they are seen and their purpose is understood by the user.

What you get with Inspection Tags...

  • Your critical information displayed more clearly than ever before – We have more than 30 years’ experience in making messages stand out through design and print.
  • Vibrant fluorescent inks – See the status of your item at a glance.
  • Dayglo ink options – For when you need to stand out 24/7.
  • Bespoke – Select your material, weight, shape, size and colours for optimum visibility.
  • A full design service – With lots of free design advice, especially for you.

And, of course…

  • Durable – Designed with tough environments in mind.
  • Easy to write on – Use any pen or pencil.
  • Looks and feels good – Just like luxury paper.
  • No minimum order – From 20 to 200,000.
  • Rapid turnaround – For small, urgent requests.
  • Cost-effective – And of the highest quality.
  • Locally produced and shipped globally – Efficient service wherever you are.