How to engage your most important assets: Your Team

How to engage your most important assets: Your Team

Does your back-to-business priority

list look a little like this?


1. Sell, sell, sell to clients and prospects.
2. Keep sell, sell, selling to clients and prospects.

We hear ya – it’s hugely important to us too. But there’s actually something more important. And that’s selling your brand on your home turf first.

That means getting buy-in from your most important assets – your team – before thinking about getting clients and prospects to do the same.

They’ll have kept going through lockdown, whether powering on as key workers or beavering away in a makeshift home office. Alternatively, they’ll have kept to themselves during furlough and let you focus on the business.

But now as lockdown eases, you need to speak to your staff with
materials that reflect the new normal.

Here are three top tips:

1. Power up team meetings
You probably pour over external presentations, so give the same attention to the look and feel of what you present to your team. Offer a really polished, professional presentation and follow it up with small printed takeaways. You’ll make them feel important and they’ll see how much effort you’ve put in. You’re making them part of the machine and it’ll drive them to do the same with clients.

2. Create brand ambassadors with clever comms
Your adverts and e-shots will have the best design and copy around. Replicate this internally. Professionally branded material will filter more easily through the organisation and, by osmosis, your team will feel part of a strong, unified business. They’re much more likely to read and remember the messaging, too.

3. Spread the love
Clients get lots of thanks for giving us their business so let’s show some appreciation for those who help get and keep that business.

We came up with a new initiative for a company that wanted to encourage cost-cutting. Small trophies were awarded for top efforts and at the end of the month they were totted up. It worked like gold stars in the classroom – and the competitiveness generated big savings for the company.

So, pick the metaphorical (or literal, of course) trophy that works for you. And don’t forget to give your winner a shout out in your (new, professionally branded) internal newsletter, too.

This blog is part of XIC’s Business Survival Guide, helping companies #keepcommunicationalive through COVID-19 and beyond.