10 things you need to know about SQUAD Snoods

10 things you need to know about SQUAD Snoods

SQUAD SNOODS have been part of the XIC factory for ages now. But as the popular designs fly out and our creatives brainstorm bespoke versions for businesses looking for a safe return to work, we suddenly thought…

Did we ever really explain SQUAD Snoods?!

Woops! But it’s always better late than never, isn’t it?

So, here goes – ten things you need to know:

  1. Snood, neck tube, face covering, face scarf, neck warmers… it’s all of those.

Noun: A wide ring of knitted material worn as a hood or scarf.

The designs are created and printed right here in Aberdeen. Then worn in lots of different ways by lots of different people in lots of different places.

  1. The versatility means it really will be one of your fave little accessories.

Right now, it’ll help protect you and those around you – but it offers SO much more beyond pandemic times.

For starters, it’s not just a face scarf.

There are five other ways to wear a SQUAD Snood:

  • Running? Go for the headband version.
  • Need protection from the sun? You’ll want to wear it as a beanie or desert scarf.
  • No sweatband? Make your SQUAD a wristband.
  • Keeping up with a daily walk or cycle post-lockdown? Hoping to return to the football stadium? Going for a round of golf? Stick it on as a snood.
  • Hair in the way? The bobble version is handy!

Secondly, they’re super comfy – lightweight and super-breathable.

And if you live locally, you’ll be delighted to know they’re quick-drying and wind-resistant! Talking of which… 

  1. They’re ultra-local.

Designed and produced in the XIC factory in Aberdeen, part of the sale of each SQUAD Snood goes to a local cause (see point 10). There are lots of Aberdeen FC-inspired designs, too! 

  1. Businesses, clubs and charities love them.

From tradespeople to local football clubs, SQUAD Snoods do two things:

  1. Help protect you and those around you.
  2. Showcase brands in a clever, creative, long-lasting way.

100% customisable means a totally unique design – your colours, your pattern and your logo. Magic.

  1. …And will continue to!

Pre-COVID, custom-made SQUADs were a must-have for corporate activity days and fundraisers. Marketing teams were big fans, too – a practical and cost-effective (available in small quantities) giveaway to suit pretty much every type of client. Plus, they’re CSR-friendly.

And did you know they make the perfect PPE addition? Great under a hard hat.

  1. There are some pretty cool designs.

Choose your favourite, from traditional tartan to fun flamingos. More coming soon…

  1. But anything is possible.

We love when people design their own for us to turn into reality. Go wild – challenge us!

  1. Not just for winter.

Have you seen the Charlie House snood? #TeamCHAMP2019 loved them on their Machu Picchu trek. Not just as a snood for keeping cosy at altitude – they worked as head coverings, too, guarding against the Peruvian sun.

  1. They’re highly recommended.

Some of the country’s biggest sports clubs – from Aberdeen FC to Cove Rangers – are fans.  

  1. SQUAD stands for something pretty cool.

Part of the sale of every SQUAD goes The Skinner Charitable Trust for reinvestment in their continued philanthropic work.

But let’s rewind…

SQUAD was born out of a Scottish start-up – Social Stuff Ltd. The idea was simple – make sustainable profits for charity by producing and selling something that could be used anywhere in the world, in all conditions. Enter SQUAD Snoods. They were lapped up by sports fans and participants who loved wearing a ‘product with purpose.’

But where does XIC come into it, you ask? Well, we worked super-closely with Social Stuff on the manufacture. So, when the time came to move their business on it felt natural for us to keep the story alive. We’re so glad we did.

Want more info SQUAD Snoods? Or to place an order or enquire? Head to www.squadsnoods.com