Essential Information to Add to Your Tally Book

Essential Information to Add to Your Tally Book

If your industry demands daily on-the-job records, then you already know how valuable Tally Books are for maintaining consistent workflows without putting the security of your employees at risk.

These custom-made journals enable the recording of crucial information quickly, allowing specialists to track and monitor performance continuously. At the same time, these small Tally Books are durable but flexible tools that stand up to harsh working environments and severe weather conditions.

Information Is Power

When your company’s top priority is the protection of its people, assets and the environment, the Tally Book becomes a fundamental element that every worker should have in their pocket.

For your engineering technicians to make safe interventions and record them on location, you need to make sure that your Tally Books include specific data and instructions, specially created to fit your business.

Every company follows specific processes and whether you adapt existing content or you write everything from scratch (and we can help with that!) all the information in your Tally Book should be created and written together with buy-in from your in-house experts.

What to Add to Your Tally Book

Fundamental information should never be missing from your employees’ Tally Books if you want to make sure that your employees get the most out of using these tools. Our expertise has enabled us to put together a list of essential information for your Tally Book, to increase the efficiency of your operations and keep your staff safe:

  • Key procedures and policies. Offshore operations are often risky, and even a small error can slow down processes and generate a reduction to the bottom line. When your employees can check out the critical procedures from their pockets, they have permanent support to perform tasks and are less likely to make mistakes.
  • Health and safety information. In demanding working environments, employees can’t use their smartphones or laptops to get direction. To increase efficiency, everything they need to know should be right at their fingertips.
  • Observation cards allow technicians and engineers to record vital safety information on the spot so that no detail is missed or forgotten. It’s vital in industries in which every intervention should be easy to track, regardless of its size or significance.
  • Generic risk assessments. It’s crucial to have these risk assessments inside Tally Books because listing the steps needed to take for controlling the risks is required by law. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective and efficient method to keep your employees safe every time they perform operations.
  • Contact information. Your Tally Books should be instantly recognisable, so our recommendation is to ensure they are branded – emboss your company’s logo and any information that will allow easy return if lost/misplaced.

Besides these elements, format and add in the journal any report or news that can help your employees perform their tasks off- and onshore. This way, your employees have permanent access to information and training that is relevant to their duties and responsibilities.

The Importance of Having Accurate Tally Books

When you give your employees tally books, you provide them with a quick and easy way to get key health, safety and quality information when they need it.

Offshore mechanical technicians or ships’ captains can’t interrupt their activities to log into the company’s intranet system to get guidance. In many high-risk industries, specialists need information on the spot in situations where minutes can make the difference between life or death.

When you provide your employees with the best tools, you protect them and increase the efficiency of your operations at the same time.

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