Reprographics: A space, time and cost saver

Reprographics: A space, time and cost saver

Find it hard to get excited about reprographics? We’ll make it easier for you by focusing on the results instead:

Information at your fingertips

Successful organisations make full use of their collective knowledge. But how do your harness this? There’s far more to reprographics than straightforward copying: we can bookmark, index and structure your paper and electronic files so that you can find what you’re looking for in the blink of an eye. Our use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software means that your digitised documents remain text-searchable. How’s that for efficiency?

Pull together your projects

Sometimes it makes sense to put everything in one place. Like all documentation and correspondence relating to a particular project. Just finished a flagship job? We can collate all of your bespoke project-related materials onto a single electronic drive. You retain all the key information and lose all the clutter.

Save space (and your sanity)

If your office shelves are feeling the strain or your hard drive is about to spontaneously combust, our reprographics team can help.  It’s surprisingly straightforward for us to convert hard copies into a digital format, allowing you to lose the lever arch file overload.  We can also save the company server from collapse by distilling large electronic files to compressed manageable sizes.